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So since some time Saturday, I’ve noticed random websites don’t function quite right. Dndbeyond for instance, I tried safari, Chrome, Firefox on Mac, safari on iPad, and my buddy tried mobile firefox. It won’t let us hit any button links. I’ve found this type of issue at a few places but he also found a shoe site he purchases shoes from so I wondered if there was an update to some web toolkit or some standard or servers(that could explain all the random outages for so many companies in the last few weeks-apple, Comcast, Gf, and others). (I found it entertaining as I finally let FF update after like 6 months and then found things broken.)

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i haven’t noticed anything unusual recently re websites not functioning. Just tried dndbeyond, seemed to be working fine. :man_shrugging:

You can use this to see if it’s you or actually down:


Yeah, I use that when I can’t reach a site at all. It was just odd that the buttons didn’t work. Couldn’t select warlock to filter spells by class, couldn’t click the advanced filter link or use the column sort links.

…I’d go check now but this work place blocks gaming related stuff…but not adult content so…:man_shrugging:

I recently had that issue with dndbeyond because my ad-block was deleting buttons…may or may not be related :slight_smile:

I tried disabling Adblock plus. Didn’t seem to change anything, I haven’t updated the one on my phone in forever so that “shouldn’t” affect anything and still, my buddy was having the same issue with FF on android.

I’ll try later but like I said, blocked here. And I found other sites with the info that did work anyway so I’m good either way.

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