Interview with Tony

I really enjoyed this read from Y Combinator’s weekly essay site. (While we didn’t take investment from YC, @tony has for past companies).


I’m very happy to hear this narrative from @tony. Enlarging the authority base of the communication does wonders for trust and confidence. The tedious marketing and platform polishing paid off in a big way. Some day after the shipment of the campaign Glowforges, I’d love to hear the story of the hardware and software development. I’ve read a few of the books telling product development stories and they are as interesting as any other history as far as I’m concerned. Last point: someone will have to show the math for the referrals discounts in relationship to the sum of orders. Something my brain can’t do on a Saturday night. Thanks for the link.


I can certainly vouch for the effectiveness of that video, as well as the attraction to laser neophytes.
I am a long-time techno-geek; I had a computer years before IBM or Apple started making them, and had a CD player when there were about 12 titles available to play on them. So when I saw the video on the Glowforge site at work on September 24 (and also found and watched the Make video), I was understandably very excited! In fact, I decided that it was actually cool enough to be of at least passing interest for my wife, even though she is normally not particularly interested in new technology. I was seriously expecting to hear her say ‘that’s pretty neat’ and that would be the end of it, but instead, within the first minute of that video, she basically started chanting “I want it!” A week later, we had a Pro+Filter on order!
Thanks @Tony and @dan for making it so easy for me to get consensus for ordering one; now we are both looking forward to thanking you again for making it so easy to create wonderful things sometime in May or June!

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Great stuff!