INt'l order shipping...order?!

Perhaps I missed this one… Are you awaiting to get + qualification from each Int’l country to start shipping int’l orders?

Which will the order be? Order based? Or country based?



My guess would be Canada first as that has similar regs to the US and is overland. Then perhaps the EU because that is many countries with the same regs.

Probably within each country they will go with order date but there are so few to each specific country I doubt it will make much difference.


I assume they will send an entire countries 'forges in a single container either to a shipping hub or to the country directly. Thence they will go out individually. From a cost and machine-safety POV this seems the easier option

If there are (say) only 20 machines in the whole of Australia then whether you ordered on Day 1 or Day 27 will be irrelevant this way

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Yeah of course, question is WHO would send it to the final destinations from the port? :smiley:

Thankfully not UPS here.
Probably Australia Post for us and they generally a step about UPS and Toll

It is going to take a long time to ship by sea and nowhere near enough to fill a standard shipping container. It would need to go by air to meet the deadlines.

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Ah, good point, true enough…