Introducing metric! 7/23/18 Latest Improvements



Very nice! That’s going to please a lot of folks. :grinning:

Even some of us folks in the US. :slight_smile:


Some of us Americans feel metric is vastly superior. :slight_smile:


On the downside it appears that you can no longer use materials defined using the Materials Manager Chrome Extension.

You can still see them, select them, and of the settings appear to be applied. But you cannot print.

Now you get to enter all of your non-proofgrade settings manually.

Hey, I design in metric! (I wasn’t limiting it to the internationals. Engineering geeks do it too.) :smile:


Not a good trade…

Everyone should have seen that coming from a mile away.

And it will happen again and again. (maybe I should have said, from a kilometer away.)


No, from 1.609 kilometers away…
(Sorry…simply couldn’t resist. Bad girl.) :sunglasses:

True though - they’re not anywhere close to finishing up the changes on the software…it’s just too soon to try to develop third party programs for it. They’re going to keep crashing.

(I wouldn’t even try for another year or so, and by then, they might have something set up for it themselves.)


i love math in dialog boxes like that. it’s probably one of my favorite features across the adobe creative suite.


What happens if you don’t type in the unit? Does it default to inches or do you get a warning message? I’m very happy that we can use metric. :grinning::sunglasses:

Click the gear icon to set your default measure of units. Then it should respect your input without specifying the units in the various fields.

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Trés cool!


Inkscape handles math in almost any measurement box in the interface, too. I use it all the time when scaling designs for different materials, it’s great that it’s in the UI now too.

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Just notice a problem using pc UI ( not the iPad app) with iPad Pro At 100% on screen view you can’t see the measurements in cm, they only be come visible at 150%. Might need to reduce the font size at 100% .

And as long as the dev is willing to fix them, no biggie. It’s like any other add-on built for a different application - your integration is always subject to the other folks making a breaking change. GF software (I’d argue software in general) will never be finished and their slipstream method of updates doesn’t suggest that there’ll ever be a published version update schedule to plan around.

It’s worked for months - lots of people found value in those months.


WOOT!!! No more conversion for me :smiley:

I really appreciate this! Especially the math part.

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