Introducing Rita, Glowforge's Head of Customer Success

I’m delighted to welcome @Rita to the forum and to Glowforge! This is normally called something like “Support”, but we don’t like that. At most companies, “Support” is the person whose job it is to get rid of you as quickly as possible (what they euphemistically call a “cost center”). Rita’s job is to take a moment when you may be unsure - how do I do this? is something wrong? what’s that weird clicking noise? - and turn it into unadulterated delight.

Her job is making Glowforge ownership a magical experience. To be fair, that’s all our jobs - but especially hers.

Welcome Rita!


Awesome, welcome @Rita!


Welcome and thank you in advance for your tolerance.


Welcome, @Rita! I hope your own experience will be magical as well. :smiley:


Welcome @Rita
looking forward to your laser thursdays?

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I’m thrilled to be here! This is a dream job – I get to use all my creative and business background to deliver unadulterated delight.

I get to use a Glowforge, too! The attached pic is me, very late Saturday night (technically, I think it was Sunday morning) completing my very first print. I took a photo of the dogwoods, traced it, added the text, printed it, and was really really happy — as you can see — when I picked it up. In this pic, I hadn’t even finished taking off the paper masking, but I wanted to share the joy of the Glowforge with you all right away.

I love to create things, and I’m more of a dabbler than an expert. I’ve built sets and done makeup for theater, and I’ve assisted with burglar alarm installations. I’m fascinated by masks, and once had an art show of masks made with paper mache and found objects. In the last year, I’ve been re-learning how to crochet, doing a little sewing and quite a bit of collage. I’m currently half way through an amazing studio drawing class, and have so very many ideas for the Glowforge.

I’m excited to meet you all. Thanks for being a part of this journey.


Your shirt appears to express that you are sorry for something. What is it, forum friend? (If that is not what it says or you are not really sorry for whatever it says, then just share it’s true meaning or something.)

Welcome @Rita! It’s always exciting to get new forum friends! Since we don’t have our forges yet, does ‘support’ just mean hanging out with us on the forums? Cuz that would be awesome

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Welcome, Rita! Great job title.

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Welcome, Rita! Okay, what IS that odd clicking noise? :wink:


Wish you the best. Keep the smile. And we apologize in advance for the 7.3% of support customers that never learned the difference between seeking answers and being rude/obnoxious.


Welcome Rita! Just a little jealous that you have a Glow and we don’t. But, understanding is a part of being in this community. What an awesome job! Let us know if we can help you in any way. Welcome aboard!


Welcome @Rita ( joyous hands a clappin…Hercules Hercules ! ) from what @dan just told us…I was thinkin that we would get a : giddy squeal of delight : when meeting you…and your pic says it is so.

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Welcome @Rita!!!
Hopefully we don’t scare you off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome @Rita. I also apologize in advance for all the stupid questions I’m going to ask you after the Glowforge lands at the door. :wink:


Welcome Rita. I look forward to working with you.:slight_smile:

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Welcome @Rita! Love the title and your first print. :smiley:

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Love this approach to the “support” side of things. It’s good to hear. Welcome @Rita!!!


Welcome Rita, glad you are here. I am looking forward to seeing all of the cool things that you make because I learn from all of them. Also, your smile is contagious.:grin:

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