Introducing Rita, Glowforge's Head of Customer Success

Welcome Rita! I’m feeling more successful already! :grin:

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WOO HOO!! Welcome, Rita!!

Soooo, can we come to you with all of life’s troubles and tribulations for now till we get our GF’s? CanWePleaseCanWePleaseCanWePleaseCanWePlease??

I should have been a Doctor, or a Securities Trader…how do I go back in time and change my Major…or at least start anew?

I really look forward to your insight on that, thanks!!


BTW, I’m a bit of a scootch & a tease…better you know now, right off the bat…got one on each shoulder: :smiling_imp: :innocent:

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Welcome! Thanks in advance and good luck.

That’s what I love about Glowforge as an organization:

Reminds me of Walt Disney, the man. He wanted to do things differently: he figured that if he offered a great experience and some magic, the income would just happen naturally.
When Disney uses that philosophy, they do amazing things.
When other companies bother with that philosophy, they do amazing things.
That philosophy makes me giddy to be a pre-order.

Welcome, @Rita, “making Glowforge ownership a magical experience.”

Thanks, @dan for the philosophy that yields amazing things.


Welcome to the party @rita, I wish you the best of success. :slight_smile:


I am a customer. And right now if I don’t roll a double 4 to get out of Jail and land on the one square I own… my son wins at Monopoly.

Give me my success, Rita!


So glad to see you post. Been wondering what that new fangled title would be up to. May you have the patience of Job, the fire of Elijah, and the wisdom of Solomon. You’ll need it for this crowd.


Lucky for her it might mean “play with the GF all you can to learn it inside and out until we ship beta units”.
A job and she gets to play, a really good win win.

Oh yeah, hi @Rita :smiley:


Welcome @Rita to the party! We havn’t even gotten our forges yet and it’s already an awesome ride!


Yay! Your introduction post makes me :sweat_smile:.

I promise to try to read all posted directions before contacting you…try being the key word here.

I can’t wait to see all the new and creative things you create with the Glowforge!

Congrats and welcome Rita. May the Forge be with you.! I look forward to not having to contact you - except in forum chats :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community Rita!

Well I like the sound of that…@Rita, welcome home!


Welcome, Rita. I hope I never have a reason to call you. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. :grinning:


Hello, Rita! My wife and I are glad to have joined the Glowforge team and community.

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Welcome, Rita!

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Hello Rita, thank you for the introduction!
You more than most would hope that the team gets this right. :no_mouth:


Hi Rita! I love your photo - you look so genuinely delighted.


Was lucky enough to meet Rita and lots of other Glowfolk. Awesome people, all of them.