Introduction of an excited Glowforge owner

Excited at the possibilities Glowforge offers. First project will be etching a Identification plate for my and my son’s astromech R2-D2 build. Have a marketing job to laser etch some glassware with various designs. Possibilities seem to go on and on. Look forward to sharing more and learning more from everyone on here.

Normandy Park, WA

Welcome Drew! Enjoy the forums and check out all the amazing threads in the Laser Made category. Can’t wait to see what you make!

Howdy Drew, I am just a few minutes north of you in Highland Park.
I am interested in the glassware idea as well, are you planning to cut stencils and sandblast?

Welcome Drew. Your robotics experience will be a good addition. I’ve recently been looking at laser printed gears and their durability and precision. How do you think a Glowforge would assist in your builds?

I’m planning to use stencils with a sandblasting. Just started looking into some of the Grizzly Industrial Bench Sandblasters. Do you have experience already in the method? Would love to hear your experiences and advice.


Right now my initial design is simply for an ID plate for our Astromech R2-D2 build that we have going. At this point the VEX program doesn’t allow for non-spec parts but that will change next year in FRC. My son and I will have to learn more about the units capabilities and how it dovetails with our robotics work. This will be our first time to get hands on a laser cutter so its a brand new world for us.

Basically looking to learn all we can.


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Drew, I’d love to hear your findings on sandblasters. I’ve been looking at units that range from $36 to several hundred, and the reviews are very mixed. Let us know what you learn?