Inventables Credits

Not sure if this is allowed, but anyone interested in my gift code.
Code available on transfer of funds through paypal.

If it helps. I’m thinking about 50% of face value.

And we’re done here. Sold to the man in the fancy hat.:smiley:


Well that was quick! :smile:


Pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap.:smiley:


Where do I even find my inventables code? I didn’t see it in an email.

I believe they send it in a separate email. The Inventables gift certificate was given to people who had ordered by a certain date iirc. You can email support to clarify.

if you were one of the people who ordered by one of the delay dates (like carabis2, i can’t remember when that was), you would have gotten a GC number inside of your email telling you your proofgrade was on the way. but it was only given to people who ordered early and had multiple delays.