Inventables has a good deal this weekend!

As long as I have been waiting for my Glowforge I have also been eyeing an X-carve.
It seem like a fun build at a good price, and it has of course a million applications.
I have often (like every time glowforge has issued delays) considered canceling my GF and using that money to buy an x-carve instead, but have never done it because I really want a GF and it always seems to be coming soonish :face_with_raised_eyebrow: .
But now Inventables are offering the x-carve with 100$ off and FREE shipping anywhere! Which is a big deal when you live in Norway like me!

So now i’m extra indecisive because that is a really good deal and inventables does actually ship a product, there is also a fair deal of overlap in what the two machines can do.
I do really want a laser for engraving and the crisp, swift cutting seems great, not to mention the GF seems more user friendly which is important for me as we are a family of users.
On the other hand the x-carve can do much bigger stuff, like making furniture. It can also cut soft metals, which is super cool. It does take more space and requires more attention though…
The GF should be shipping my way in February (though we can’t trust that entirely :wink: ) and I have waited this long…

Sorry for the long rant but can somebody make the decision for me? :sweat_smile:


Ultimately you have to make your own decisions and you know that but let me add a data point for you.
I have a cnc, a 3d printer, and a Glowforge pru.
If I suddenly had to start over I’d get the glowforge first.
Now if there is any way to get the x-carve without canceling the glowforge…


You can always get both & you will really be prepared for everything.

If everyone here could just make a small donation that would not be a problem :smile:
I’m joking of course but thank you for your input, that does help.


I probably will with time, it’s just so damn hard saving up that much and especially when i’m already waiting for my last maker investment!


I purchased my X-Carve Dec ‘16 and have really enjoyed carving projects while waiting for my Glowforge to arrive. Although I bought Vectric Aspire, Inventables’ own program Easel has been a great start. There is no cost to use Easel basic and a minimal charge for Easel Pro (subscription based). However, Inventables decided to provide 4 days of Easel Pro for each user every month if you choose not to purchase a subscription. Easel is easy to use and can do a lot of different things.

There is no cost to sign up for Easel so I would recommend giving it a try to see if meets you needs. You won’t be able to carve anything without a cnc; Although, you can preview what your simulated project would look like.

You will find Easel has similar functions in the way of selecting material. Once you’ve selected a material via the menu, the feed and speed parameters are automatically entered. You can choose to override the conservative default settings to provide you own if you want.

And, Inventables has a great forum with many active users who are always willing to help.

Th only thing you really need to think about is what size X-Carve you would like to get. I have the 1000mm edition, but would have probably purchased the 750mm if I had to do it all over again. Lots of real estate on the 1000mm of which I don’t really use.

The best of luck making up your mind on what to do.

Oh, Inventables recently partnered with a finance company to help those who don’t want to put all the capital up front. Minimal payments on a monthly basis. I haven’t checked to see what the finance charges are but from what I read the program is quite reasonable. Might be an option for some I suppose.

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Yeah I have tested easel and it seems fine for the basic stuff, haven’t tried easel pro though.
I also have a basic knowledge of autodesks fusion 360 which does support cnc milling.
And I have been lurking in the forums a little but not to much, seem very helpful :+1:

I think the main thing that has kept me in camp GF is the pre-order price we paid which we probably will never get again. I don’t think I could ever justify spending the full amount on a GF since I probably won’t make back any of it :laughing:

Don’t know if the financing plans work abroad? Not that that is really an option anyway, not the smartest thing to do when it will basically be used as a toy anyway…

I guess I’ll have a longer discussion with my wife tomorrow as she does have a stake in the GF.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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If anyone was wondering I chose to stick it out yet again and wait for the GF.
Primarily because of user friendliness and I can see more projects in my mind on the laser.
But I really hope Inventables has the same offer next year because sooner or later I wont be able to resist :wink: