Inverse coaster pair

Seeing all of the great inlay pieces, I wanted to try something similar to make a pair of inverted coasters. Because the pieces are cut all the way through, it’s really more a tiling than an inlay.

I used 1/8" black acrylic and Proofgrade maple, cut out the same pattern on each, and then puzzled them together. Since I was using both the frame and cutouts from both pieces, I couldn’t compensate for the kerf, so I applied some craft glue to the back and used my finger to push it into the seams.

I should have put the frame pieces onto masking so that I could move the project without all the fiddly bits falling out each time. This also would have helped make the front cleaner since there were some times when the smaller pieces stuck to the glue, came out, and glue got on the front as I put them back in. I was able to mostly scrape it off, but it wasn’t great. I’m also not convinced of the longevity of the craft glue for this application.

I added a 3.5" square cork backing to make the coasters slip less. It worked, but even with that, I think I’d make them out of thicker material next time. They’ll work as coasters, but they don’t have the heft I want.

The Proofgrade maple only has a tiny bit of warp, but it is enough that you can notice that the acrylic pieces don’t all lie flat.

Overall, though, I’m happy with the effect and intend to try it again.


I like the design, well done. As for getting perfect kerf adjustment, you’re right, you have to use more materials in two different cut jobs. The good news is that you can generally take the interior (kerf adjusted) pieces and rearrange them to fit in a smaller overall space, so you don’t burn through quite as much material.

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Very nice job! :grinning:

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Very pretty!

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Very nice! I love the contrast. Glue is my arch nemesis :-/ FWIW, acetone works really well for removing glue smears. You have to test it to make sure it doesn’t mar your material was well, but I’ve used it successfully on several things.


Two for one! No need to be anal about the kerf, you are the only one who will focus on that. :sunglasses: