Invert graphic for 2-tone engrave

So…I’m well accustomed to 2-tone engraving and love the results. However, I am doing a custom piece and have limited time. The attached file, when engraved and cut, should be gray engraved with white as the majority of the image.

Here’s the crux in the road…the 2-tone I have access to is GRAY ON WHITE. Therefore, any engraving shows white, not the reverse; hence, there will be a lot of engraving on this piece once I can figure out how to change the image so my GF knows what I need.

I use Inkscape…and I know I will have to “close” the image prior to setting it to engrave. … or did I just answer my own question? Close the image and reverse the colors?..

Hanna's broken up file sundae reverse

Yup - if you want to leave the grey top that needs to be white in your image and the remainder needs to be a colour.

FYI - with the two tone stuff folks have found that running a 2nd engrave pass at a much higher speed helps clean up the blown around dust that tends to stick into the previously engraved parts.

If you have a vector design you can put an object outside of it and use the difference command, you might have to move the new outline below the design as the upper shape will be subtracted from the lower shape.

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