Inverted View?

Is there a way to view the camera view upside down? There is an item I frequently engrave on my GL and part of it sticks up and blocks the fan part that blows the smoke away, so often the laser shoots though smoke and does not come out that well. I found that if I flip it, so that the engraving is done on the top side of the camera view, the part that blocks it is below, then the smoke blows off fine and it turns out much better. With that said, it is hard to line up what I am engraving when viewing it upside down on the screen. I work on a double screen so the CTRL+ALT+Arrow trick does not work. I found a way to flip a web page, but it makes everything inverted, including the mouse, and just causes problems. So long story short, is there a way to view the camera basically upside down? Any settings that will easily do this?

I am wondering why you don’t just rotate the engraving. if you do that it should be no harder to align than otherwise. If you hold the Shift key down while rotating it jumps 45 degrees at a time so 180 rotation is easy.


Because of the material I am using, and they way it has to be set up, it has to do with the way that little fan vent hits the material so it has to be ran upside down

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What you could not do a year ago, you can now, at least with the new premium there is a way to mirror stuff up/down or side to side.