iPad Bezel for Kiosk

I’ve had my Glowforge for about a week now and I had been planning this project in my head for a while. I needed to house an iPad in a kiosk but it was too plain. So I decided to spruce it up.

In addition to owning a Glowforge I also own a Silhouette vinyl cutter. I used it’s software to create my design and then exported it in SVG. It worked like a charm!


Awesome! Love the way you used both tools in combination, it’s a great effect!


Wow, that colored acrylic looks great on the wood. A one of a kind sign for your business.


Glad to hear the Silhouette design to GF print works smoothly!


This is great to hear - I’ve been working on learning AI with a decent amount of experience in Photoshop, but I also have a Silhouette Cameo and a bunch of experience with their design software, so I’m very excited to hear how well it worked for you! Ordered after the campaign though, so keeping my fingers crossed and counting the seconds until November… :clock1::clock3::clock5::clock8::clock10:


Great !!
My silhouette is waiting for his friend GF :wink:


This turned out amazing! What a thrill to create your own vision!

Looks fantastic!

Very nice! Mixed materials look great.

That came out spectacular :smile::+1:

love that design :+1:

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Love it! When its up I’d love to see it! I have plans to make something similar for work. :slight_smile:

Consider your iPad kiosk spruced up! Love the multi-colored acrylic (and the pile of masking in the corner). Great job!

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The acrylic on the wood looks great–this is inspiring!

Great design! I’m using my Silhouette Studio software also while I struggle with Inkscape. By upgrading to the Business edition I got .SVG compatability and it’s clean.