iPad Pro 11 veneer

I just upgraded my iPad, and figured that this time, I wanted to pretty it up from the start. This is PG walnut and maple veneer (may try my luck later with cherry veneer for the blossoms…). I drew the design in Adobe Illustrator Draw, and did the cleanup work (also pictured) in Illustrator on Windows.


  • The magnets inside the iPad and matching cases will still hold through the veneer. I covered the contacts for the new Apple keyboard, but I decided I could live without it, especially since I could buy a Brydge Bluetooth keyboard and show the thing off. You can remove and reapply the smaller pieces without damaging them or the back, as far as I can tell, but using a spudger is recommended. Once they’re taped on, they don’t show any signs of wanting to come loose.
  • It occurred to me after the fact that applying a thin layer of vinyl would have protected me against buyer’s remorse, but I’m happy enough with it that I’m not worried about the potential aftermath when I get around to selling it.


Beautiful job! :grinning:


Oh wow - yeah, that’s gorgeous!

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Crafty, and gives it that hand-hewn look.

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pretty Thank you

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Would you be willing to share the file without flowers? I’d like to cut a solid panel for mine!

Just a polite reminder. We don’t ask for files on this forum.



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The blossoms in maple just make it so beautiful!

Awesome! What kind of glue did you use to attach? And the new Pro is a flat back, correct?

This is the standard Proofgrade veneer, which comes with 3M adhesive backing.

Good to know - I didn’t realize the PG veneer had adhesive as I’d never looked at it. REALLY nice!

Love that! Really great job!

Wow! That… that’s just plain beautiful. Well done.

It’s gorgeous! You’ll have to let us know down the road, how it holds up to handling. I did something similar on the keys of my autoharp, and to protect the engraving I coated them with uv-curing resin. The keys are holding up very well.

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