IPad stuck in cooling mode. PC is fine and can run job

My main PC and Glowforge are in 2 different rooms. I recently pulled out my iPad so I can run engraving jobs while standing next to my Glowforge instead of running back and forth between my PC and the Glowforge for every job. For some reason, I get the ‘Cooling down’ message on the iPad between each job and it never refreshes. So I go to the PC and run the job which is not displaying the cooling down message. Anyone know why the disparity between the PC and the iPad? They are both running the same same online software on app.glowforge.com, so I can’t understand why two different devices are treating the same job differently?

It’s a cashing issue, are you running chrome or safari on your iPad for your browser?

Safari steps: How to clear cache and cookies on iPhone or iPad | Trend Micro Help Center

Chrome: View & delete your Chrome browsing history - iPhone & iPad - Google Chrome Help

If you need for a different browser drop it in the comments and I’ll grab it for you


I appreciate the reply. I’m using Chrome on the iPad. I’ll try your solution tomorrow. I have a hate/hate relationship with Apple products, but I just happen to have an iPad I never use and it’ll save me a few steps having to run from room to room. Thank you!


UPDATE 7/29: I’m engraving 4x4 slate tiles and I’m running one job after the next. It’s the same design over and over again. This morning, I cleared the browser cache on the iPad and ran 3 jobs before the iPad displayed the COOLING DOWN message again, so I ran over to my PC in the other room and started the job. 4 minutes into the job and the iPad is still displaying the COOLING DOWN message.

Another thing I noticed is it takes much longer for the Glowforge to prepare my print for the initial job on the iPad than my PC, and after I started the second job, I received a print stopped message where the fix was to press the print button in the app again. I 've never seen the print stopped message on my PC.

For the time being, I’ll have to call implementation of the iPad for the sake of convenience a failure. It just isn’t worth it to me to troubleshoot an Apple product. I need the exercise anyway. :smile:
Thank you for the taking the time to send me the proposed fix. I appreciate it!

Try downloading the Opera browser and see if it’s still showing that on there

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This is probably a really dumb question, but have you hit refresh on that iPad screen that says cooling?
I’ve found that it sometimes doesn’t refresh itself, like 20% of the time.

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I’ve been having this problem a lot, so I poked around on the internet and found some info that has helped:

  1. make sure background app refresh is on,
  2. make sure you have a minimum number of browser windows open.

I’m using this on Chrome for iPad, and after doing this I have not had an issue. I only have 2 browser windows open.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for weighing in. I have tried refreshing and it doesn’t always clear the message. My bigger concern is the iPad is reporting a false error message when it says the Glowforge needs to cool down when it really doesn’t. Thankfully, I have another computer I can rely on to run the job.

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Thank you for replying. ‘Make sure background app refresh is on’ is a new one for me. Since I’m not really an iPad user, I’m not familiar with that being an issue, but I’ll make that adjustment. As far as the number of windows or tabs open, I only have one Chrome browser with one tab open. It’s really a crime that after 5 years of of owning the iPad, I haven’t been able to adopt it for anything more useful than trying to run the next Glowforge job.

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I just checked the iPad to see if Background App Refresh is on and it is on by default for all the apps loaded on the iPad including Chrome, so I’m not sure what to make of that. As I mentioned to someone earlier, my bigger concern is that a computer is reporting a false condition for the Glowforge when no such condition exists. It makes me wonder about all the people blaming the Glowforge for all the error messages that prevent them from running a project when the fault might actually be computer/browser related.

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