Iron Wolf Forge has arrived!

Holy cow this is a pretty machine! I feel lucky to only have waited 15 months and really feel for the international customers still waiting a year longer then I have…

So the box arrived in pristine shape. 3 handles…
No liquid were it’s not supposed to be, no broken glass…even the tape was totally sealed except for about 6 inches by the missing handle. The only other issue with the packing material was with the foam. Each of the top pieces had one end torn off where it was glued to another piece of foam. Not a big deal though. :grin:

Now off to run the setup routine and print the founder’s ruler. :tada::tada::tada:


:sunglasses::tada: enjoy the ride.

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The fun is just beginning :slight_smile:

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Founders ruler priced perfectly! Sweet!


Very happy for you!! Now go forth and create :slight_smile:

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you got a pro or basic ?


You will really enjoy getting to know your machine!

Welcome to the club.