Irregular shapes, misalignment of text and circles

We are having some issues with cuts all of a sudden. Circles are irregular, and text has multiple lines that are over lapping.

I feel like we have tried all the typical troubleshooting steps we could find:

  1. Level work space
  2. Basic Cleaning of the glowforge
  3. Cleaning of lenses, etc.
  4. Squaring of the gantry/arms
  5. Multiple print jobs, even “last known good”, like the ruler sample. (screen shots attached)

Alignment also looks off on the screen after the print (circles are not printed properly).

I have a support ticket submitted, but hoping for any crazy ideas.

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How are the belts, rails and rollers? Anything loose or out of place? Does the head move smoothly across the whole width of the bed? You squared the gantry, did you move it all the way to the front to check its motion?

Almost like a stepper pulley is loose.

Did you see this topic?

Red Cable hanging up on Heat Sink Fins - fixed


I feel like we checked full range of motion, but there is a slight sound that might be off on the left side.
Also we just found this to the left of the crumb tray. I can’t tell where it’s from.

That washer used to be used on the screw-in gantry locks. It probably fell off when you removed the locks. They’ve updated them since then with a washerless, shouldered design.


Found it!!!. It was the belt under the arm with the laser head. It was quite loose. I was able to push the right wheel to the outside and retighten and things are working again as expected!!

The left wheel is attached to the servo, and is fixed, only the right one moves.

Thanks everyone for ideas.


I love a happy ending! nice detective work.

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Thanks for posting the resolution as well. That will surely help someone in the future (and help all of us know what to suggest if/when something like this pops up again).

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!

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