Is 3M Double sticky tape laser able

Hi everyone,

I am interested in attaching my laser able rubber to draft board and cutting the two at the same time. I figured out 1) whimpy adhesives do not adhere to rubber, and 2) laser cutting something that has been superglued is a bad idea.

I found this 3M product: 3M 5906 VHB .006" double sticky foam tape
and an eBay seller who says it’s great for laser cutting.

I found an SDS for it, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.
Also 3M has a whole page about it, and I also don’t know what I’m looking for.

I actually don’t know if it will stick to the rubber, but it looks pretty darn sticky (technical term).

Does someone want to tell me if I can laser this stuff? And does anyone have an opinion about cutting through draftboard+amazon orange rubber+this sticky stuff at the same time?

Thanks for any advice.

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I checked the linked MSDS but cannot find the information.

It would typically be under Section VI or X Stability or Hazardous Reactivity in the subsection of Decomposition.
Generally anything mentioning chloride-whatever should not be lasered.

This is an example from another product:
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 9.49.29 PM.pdf (164.1 KB)


Should be fine.

acrylic foam tape with PET liner. The modied acrylic adhesive on both sides

Acrylic and PET are both ok to laser.

Also many posts reference VHB tape, searching the forum will find more info.


:proofgrade: veneer uses “3M adhesive peel-and-stick backing”


Oh that’s reassuring. I wonder if they’d tell me what 3M product they use…

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Yeah I did that, but the threads I landed on always had one person saying, wellllll it might be OK… not too definitive. I think I’ll go for it. Thanks!

Any thoughts on cutting through rubber and wood in one go?

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And that product is bad, right? unidentified organic compounds and irritating aldehydes sounds bad.

Honestly every piece of plywood is going to be described this way.


This is why we have good ventilation and or filters.

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There are thin 3M adhesives that are frequently used. I have some 9502, but there are some other varieties.

I personally don’t know anyone who is using foam. If you visit some of the Glowforge FB groups, you’ll find some vendors. This is the shop where I got mine:

trotec uses this i think it’s the same as what glowforce uses


That will just require some testing to find out. Report back, and you can be the one whose post we refer everyone to in the future! :slight_smile:


I buy this direct from 3M and it’s worked beautifully for my displays.

3M™ Double Coated Tape 9832, Clear, 12 in x 60 yd, 4.8 mil, Roll

3M Catalog #: 9832

3M Stock #: 7010536049

Previous 3M Stock # CY998788111


Best guess: do you think it would stick to rubber?

Aye aye, cap’n.

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OK, I’m not finding it. I did find this product number on the 3M website, but not that wide roll. Also does it cost $400 or so? thanks again.

I hve some wood veneer with the 3M adhesive. I tried adhering it to PG acrylic to simplify operations (a fancy stick shuttle for those who must know). It took two or three passes to ensure the cut went all the way through. My ‘sandwich’ was probably thinner than yours is going to be, so I would guess it won’t be as easy as you hope, if it works at all.

But it might work, so don’t let my comment stop you. Just be prepared to not move anything as you test the quality of the cut.


i don’t know if you have a bit of glowforce veneer you can try. i made a rubber stamp and taped it with dubbelsided 3m foam tape and it worked fine but i didn’t cut it.

But there are many sorts of rubber and tape so my quess is as good as yours! if i would tape draft board on rubber i would use a foam tape but don’t know how laser safe that is.

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Try sending them an email or calling. Prices could have changed since I received mine. The 3M representatives have been very helpful!

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