Is a blown power supply common?

I’ve had my Glowforge Pro for a year and a half and just had the internal power supply pop. I haven’t used the machine nearly as much as I would like, which is why I was surprised to see it happen so soon (maybe 50 hours total run time). I’ve seen a number of people post blown power supplies on the forum, just not sure if I was lucky or this happens on the regular. Basically, do I need to plan for a $1200 repair this frequently?

No, not common. My machine is older and has many more hours on it and no power supply issues. I think the power supply problems you have seen are few and far between when taken against the total number of machines in the world.

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… of which there appear to be over 28,000 now.

and probably quite a bit over cuz a lot of folks never join the forum :slight_smile:

and yeah, I’m on year 3 and (knock on wood) no power supply issues…actually no issues at all that were not of my own making. So budgeting for repairs is a good thing, but don’t expect large ones frequently.


I see you already emailed us and we’ve been working on this with you. Since this has already been resolved, I’m going to close this post.

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