Is a GF application sandbox possible

As the GF interface/software approaches release 1 maturity (and well in advance of delivery of non-beta units) would it be possible to setup a GF software sandbox (not connected to any hardware) where we, the great unwashed, could start to get comfortable with the look and feel of the process of running our GF’s?


I was hoping that this was the case. Would be great to get my hands on the tools before getting a physical unit

@dan described the interface as like a print preview dialog. I expect we will master it in the first day… said he who has never seen it. :slightly_smiling:

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I would love to have a sandbox to work in to understand how the vector and raster functions are utilizes, along with power settings and speed. Not having any experience with a laser before, nor CNC background, I am curious. I guess I should watch a few YouTube process videos on other lasers to get a little understanding. Maybe it’s not needed and it will just work so intuitively.