Is a sorting project feature being considered?

I have seen some past post ask about this but only a “thank you for the suggestion” as a response. Curious if Glowforge is considering a better way to organize projects in the GFUI? There are many I use often so it gets cumbersome to scroll through to find the one I want for each order. At the very least it would be nice to alphabetize.

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Some people with lots of files simply store them on their computer so they can organize them in a manner that works for them. I believe you are not alone in hoping the library is improved to provide a better method of organizing it.


My Glowforge directory is 6 GB and has 1,861 folders and 17,000+ files in it. I would not expect a browser log to handle that well.

The GFUI is just a final UI link and does not easily allow you to go back and change things or use previous versions that have been modified.
That is easily done on your own storage devices and art programs and even allows you to store text files reminding you of any complexity to the project or changes depending on resources used.

Just my mileage on this issue, but I would encourage you to devise a sorting plan of your own on local storage mediums.


My directory is higher in GB, but under half the number of files…you must be blowing these things out super fast! :+1:

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That is everything. Good art, bad art, future art.
First version +++ to final 8th, etc.
I keep it all because I have found myself figuring out how to do things that may have stumped me before, which allows me to maybe use a superior design next time.
Then we have the resource derivatives. For thick, thin, plastic, wood, leather, etc. Things like stands, that use slots, require several files depending on the thickness of current resource.
(but basically I am a file hoarder. Nothing gets thrown away, just moved to old, origin, bleh, final, etc directories)


I keep all the development files too, along with the artwork used, jpegs of the finished project, etc. (I do keep the future art in a separate place though…it’s a pretty large directory in itself…lots of internet cruising for ideas.)

Sounds like a good system though…I could never keep track of the number of files that I have on an online system either.


As you note, this is definitely on our list of customer suggestions we’re considering. I’m afraid we don’t yet have anything to announce on this front, however. Thanks for posting!

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