Is anyone here using their glowforge for a school or makerspace?

If so let me know! send me a PM.

Ours is being used for a maker space, but not a public one. We have a group of people that have each taken the plunge over the years on different things ranging from a TIG welder, 3D printer, a bridgeport, vacuum molder, and now a Glowforge.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


Wow, thats awesome. Im trying to grow a community similar to that where I just moved. Ill drop you a PM shortly. Im a little jealous. In the process of building a vacuformer myself btw!

It’s odd, but we use that the least. In fact, I personally haven’t used it. The guy that dropped the money on that did it solely to build a new plastic gauge dash panel for his Glastron CV-27. A few of the guys have used it for other stuff, but after 3D printing, that thing doesn’t get much use.

Mine is in a school, but for some reason I feel that University may not qualify for your intended inquiry. I do hope to get a MakerSpace started in my area, and will primarily be lending them tools in my workshop until they can afford their own.

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That’s pretty sweet. What a world it would be if there were maker spaces easily accessible.

I plan to offer my GF part time to the school I work at 2-11 year olds(I don’t know what age would be the cut off :stuck_out_tongue:) UK private school

Ours is being used for a high school. We are hoping that it will be here in time for our teachers to start getting it ready for our fall curriculum.

I’m buying the GF for myself, but I’m also a member of a local Makerspace. Months ago when GF crowdfunding campaign was underway there were active discussions regarding the GF. The biggest arguments revolved around the cloud portion of the GF. Many people there didn’t want to introduce an expensive tool into the makerspace that could end up being a useless brick. Especially, since we already have a larger more powerful Chinese laser.

Our makerspace is entirely member funded with 80+ members, and almost all of the collected funds go towards rent and insurance. Large tool purchases don’t happen and all of the equipment we have is either member owned, donated, or created on premise. I image the GF will likely find its way into privately funded fablabs, makerspaces attached to schools, and smaller private makerspaces. On the other hand a makerspace isn’t a makerspace without a laser!

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My school’s Glowforge Pro is on the truck, on it’s way right now. I’m planning on using it with students in my 9-12 high school, in my engineering/ prototyping/ materials classes. I’ll let everyone know how it’s working after a few weeks of use!

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