Is Baltic birch safe for glowforge

Is Baltic birch safe for glowforge?

Pretty much any natural material will be safe.

Baltic Birch should be fine. Are you using Plywood? Most plywoods should be fine too but you might want to try and check what adhesives or finishes they have on them. Some of those things may not be.

I have cut baltic birch plywood from Rockler without a problem on the GlowForge.



It’s likely the most common material used after Glowforge “Proofgrade”…

It’s generally a high quality plywood constructed from true wood veneers.


Anecdote: I made a lot of holiday ornaments one year out of a stack of baltic birch and my eyes and throat were burning so bad I had to put on a respirator to finish the project. I think I’m more sensitive to fumes than most people – even being around someone with a strong perfume makes me hoarse – and I discovered later a small leak in my exhaust hose. So take it with a grain of salt. But my understanding is that a lot of plywood is made with formaldehyde. It won’t damage your Glowforge, but it is an irritant and a carcinogen, so at the very least make sure your room isn’t filling with the vapors.

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1/8 bb from woodpeckers is my single most cut material. Safe as anything else and cuts great.


Agreed. Baltic is one of the few materials that emits fumes that don’t agree with me.

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Interesting. I cut a lot of it too, but haven’t had any issues. Different people, different irritants :slight_smile:


Yup,acrylic runs me out.

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… or different venting setups.

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I’ve cut tons of baltic birch from Amazon:

With no issues.

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