Is Cricut Genuine Leather Vegtable Tanned or Chrome Tanned?

Found some cricut leather on sale. Wondering if any one has answer for me, is it chrome tanned or veg tanned? Can’t seem to find an answer via goolge at all.

I think we need to assume it is chrome tanned. (The package doesn’t state on it.)

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Got me curious (I work with lots of leather, but not with cricut, though I did buy one of those years ago)–and I googled, and only finding Faux leather by Cricut in my results…

But agree with @marthajackson1970, better to assume it’s not safe to use (whether genuine, or a faux, as usually PVC base–nasty stuff to laser). And if thin enough to use on a Cricut, it’s either pigskin, which is nearly all chrometanned, or thin upholstry grade, which is also most often chrome tanned.

Check in the FB GUG. I’m pretty sure someone contacted Cricut and it was Chrome Tanned. I could be misremembering, but as I own a bunch of it, I don’t laser it.