Is email support working today (President's Day)

I am trying to get up and running and just trying to figure out an alignment issue.

If you post your issue, someone might be able to help you, staff or another owner.

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Welcome to the forum.
If you have already emailed Support, and don’t want to open another ticket, post your question/problem in Everything Else. Someone here may be able to offer assistance while you wait for official Glowforge support to answer your email.

To clarify, you’ve already opened a support ticket by posting here in Problems and Support. :slight_smile: They’ll come along and close it later, since it’s a duplicate (as you’ve already emailed them) but if you want to go ahead and tell us what’s going on, we might be able to help in the meantime.

I have a bad alignment issue my laser is not even hitting the head window. It’s hitting the black ring.

How can you tell? The beam is invisible.

Have you been printing?

The shot’s a little blurry, that’s just a window in the side of the head. Is there a melted spot on it that you can see?

he also has extreme fade off of power the further right the laser head is (as evidenced in a post on facebook). And gantry appeared square in another picture posted…

Probably should post all your photos @saiter.j :slight_smile:

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I can’t cut much of anything. To the right of about 5 inches. I can see the laser hit that ring.

Here are some photos.

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Did you check the orientation of the mirror inside the head?

Instructions for how to check that are located at the link below:

Definitely a problem there that support will need to address. In the meantime, you should not be running the machine with a non-focused laser. (Not safe.) Wait to hear from them before you try to run it again…I’d just unplug for the time being.

checked all the easy stuff.

Welp, unfortunately, it means waiting to hear from support I’m afraid. (They are working today, so maybe you’ll hear soon.)

Good luck!

Have you squared the gantry to the side rails? Also, verify the head mounting plate is attached correctly & moves smoothly left & right.

Where is the laser hitting on the mirror under the left side? If it’s not obviously burning some part of that mount you can check by putting a Post-It on the mirror and shooting a quick job (pop the lid as soon as you see it lase so it doesn’t set the Post-It on fire).

If the left mirror hits center and the head plate is on correctly and the gantry is square then I’m out of suggestions.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.