Is it normal to email support 6 times and not get a response?

I sent my 6th email and left my 3rd voicemail today regarding my shipping date of my new machine, but have not received a response. My original one was damaged. Is there another way to get in contact with support. The whole leave a message thing is the most frustrating I would rather wait on the phone on hold for an hour than leave endless messages and emails and not get a response. I am obviously very frustrated with the whole process.

I have been seeing the support seems to be behind. You can email or call but they don’t monitor the forum anymore so they won’t see this.

The issue you are facing is that Glowforge staff have no idea when a replacement will be available. They are dependent on the company assembles or refurbishes them to know when that might happen. There is also a backlog thanks to everything being shut down for a period over the holidays, parts availability, etc.

An unfortunate situation, just sharing the reality.

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Glowforge staff is probably really bogged down by people that have sent 6 emails and left 3 voicemails.

I am going to be blunt…This is community support. Do you feel like your post is something that the community can support?

It sucks but sometimes people like to misuse phone support, email support, and community support.

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Seems like in this case it’s more of an attempt to reach out for a lifeline.

It would be easy for GF to post a note that sets out expectations for replacements - like “don’t call us, we may call you, or maybe not, maybe it will just show up” rather than just go radio silent without notice. Regular forum visitors will know that’s what is going to happen but for someone who isn’t a denizen of the forums, they’ve got a dead machine, a promise of a replacement and then crickets. That’s not comforting.

The whole Community Support concept is a new one and I don’t find fault with anyone who thinks it’s still a way to get to official GF folks, or who thinks perhaps we have an inside track with them. It’s been a mystery for the average user since it was P&S. Renaming it doesn’t change people’s perceptions and recollections of the support side of the forum.


… and many are either first-time posters, or have not been regular participants here.


I get everyones frustration trust me been there done that for weeks now! Be patient be polite support gets alot of emails a day! If your rude i cant imagine they would respond so quickly.

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Yeah, the company CEO might care about public venting but a typical Support person is human. If it were me and someone was especially irritating I would work the issue slower, or at least just slow enough not to be noticed by the boss.


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