Is it possible to add notes to your design files?

As I am setting up my design files - I would like to set up notes. Or even include an image of the completed item so I can recall what it looks like put together.
Also can we make or create folders? It would be nice to be able to put some designs together in a folder.


If you want support to add these as feature requests, you need to post in Problems and Support, or send an email. They don’t browse the customer forums.

None of those capabilities exist today.

But they have all been asked for a great many times. What is in the works is a black box, but stuff shows up when they like the idea and have it working properly.

You can include text in your file in a separate color so it will present as a separate step in the UI and you can ignore the instructions or description when you print. Remember you have to convert text to a path or it won’t show in the bed. :+1:

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Or you can leave it as text so it’s in your design folder and then disappears when you load to the GFUI :slight_smile:


Yeah, well I’m old, and having the instructions in my face helps… :grin: ( short attention span).

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In my case blind too! I have a hard time seeing the design in the bed much less notes.

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