Is it possible to opt out of the updates?

I know it’s probably not possible but I’m wondering if there is the option of opting out of the updates ? The last two have made the glowforge harder for me to use

You will need to contact GF. They no longer monitor this forum so calling or email would be how you contact them.


If you are bothered by the align/distribute tool from the most recent update, you can toggle it off by clicking on the icon and resetting the toggle.


Ah ok I will send them an email :). And will turn off the align …that will be very useful as I’m not getting on with it at all ! thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Many things are blamed on updates that updates have nothing to do with and new abilities like the align tool can be turned off and on depending on your needs at the moment. If an update was seriously disruptive they would be hearing from thousands of Glowforge users almost immediately, and quickly either fix it or undo the part causing the problem.

If you never got an update, just as would be the case with most software, it would give you more problems as information expecting the updated version would not find it.


The machine downloads updates every time it powers on, or after completing a print.

It has nothing to do with the user interface, the latest version of which is downloaded every time you access it via

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I expect you can’t opt out of updates on the machine or on the interface, although some interface options can be turned off. But if you’re struggling with a feature/update, it can’t hurt to let GF know. They can use that info to create training videos/documents or revise to make the feature more clear/easier to use. They have definitely listened to constructive feedback in the past.


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