Is it too early for Halloween?

I had a couple of those little craft halloween coffins laying around, and I decided to see how they worked. The wood is very soft, and I wasn’t sure how well they would etch, and even with turning the power down to 30%, it nearly went all the way through the top of the coffin. I also got a little off kilter on the one, so the reason the bottom looks weird, is I had to start restart. I still think they look cute, and will probably fill them with candy at Halloween for some deserving niece or nephew.


It’s never too early for Halloween!


Yeah, what @bwente said! Those are cool! :grinning:

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I admire these pieces, and your enterprise in working so far in advance!

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These are so cute!

Very nice!!! At the rate this year is going by (almost May), may need to start those Xmas designs soon !!!:christmas_tree: