Is Latex primer safe for the laser?

I asked the lady at the paint corner of Home depot if there was a paint that was matte/flat, had minimal ingredients and would not be dangerous if used with “fire” to cut out shapes. She said Latex paint primer would be good. She said it doesn’t contain any actual latex. I have looked online and can’t really find the answer I needed. Can I paint plywood with White Latex primer and then once its dry mask it and cut it on my machine? The paint I bought it one of those Valspar 1-Gallon Interior Latex Primer ( The thing that scares me is in the area where it says “Low voc” it has an X .

Thank you so much in advance

I recommend going to the company website:
Look up the safety data sheet (SDS) under the heading Professionals/document library. Look in the section of that sheet under section 5 for Hazardous thermal
decomposition products.


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