Is my Glowforge dead?

I was laser cutting proof grade acrylic, the printer stopped towards the end without finishing. Now it will not respond. It does not calibrate. I’ve tried power cycling it a couple times, still nothing happens. The gantry doesn’t appear to move on its own anymore like it used to during calibration.

I checked the ‘print head’ and the lenses are clean and otherwise look normal. The button flashes on the glowforge like it’s ready to print.

I turned off the glowforge overnight. Turned it on this morning and still the same issue.

The light turns on. I hear the pump & fans kick on. The head does not move.

Glowforge app says:
"Calibrating head of your Glowforge. This can take afew minutes.

I tried moving the gantry/head to the center of the glow forge. Forward/back & side to side feel smooth with no resistance.

I would also like to note that the button flashes white every 10 seconds or so. I have no print jobs scheduled. I tried pressing the button anyway, nothing happens.

I’m pretty technical and am finding it annoying I don’t have an obvious way to see logs or an error report- is there something I can do to see this information?

I’ve cut only a few things on my glow forge using proof grade materials only. It has not been moved or anything out of the ordinary since I received it.

Thanks for your advice everyone.

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Oh no :frowning: I think glowforge support would get to you quicker if you contact them directly. I hope it gets resolved quickly for you!

A new posting to Problems and Support creates a help ticket just like if an email is sent.


That’s awesome to know because obviously I didn’t, Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I think the button flashes when it receives the motion plans for the homing movements. So it looks like it is talking to the cloud but for some reason the motors are not enabled / moving.

Do you hear any clicks from the head as it seems to home the focus motor first?


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.