Is October the month

Is October the month I will get my pro would be perfect since my bday is in October. Is there anyway to check or is it all random my order date is 10-22-2015.

Welcome to the group! The only info you can check is the notice at the top of the page showing what day they are currently “shipping.”


4-6 weeks AFTER you receive your “email” or four scores and seven years from now.


Realistically … no
I think November may be possible, and December is probable, but October is highly unlikely.

I’m just hoping the filter is this year, but since target dates are rarely hit in any business, and GF has shown there’s is not the exception, those are likely going to be pushed in the near future as well.

I expect the October update to be a somber one. It will likely start upbeat and let everyone know that in October the shipping is going to get even faster and more streamlined, but the reality is, they will not hit the end of month deadline.

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Mine too friend, mine too. And it will pass again without having a Glowforge.

Mine too @ 2:20 in the afternoon! The info is in the blue banner on top of every page. They are on day 4of the Pro orders.