Is PG acrylic UV stable?

The GF shop doesn’t have many technical details about the materials sold there, unless I’m missing a link somewhere.

I’m interested in whether the proofgrade acrylic sheets are UV stable. Will they discolor over time? I see other laserable supply stores list whether the acrylic is UV stable or not.

I have made some neat car accessories, including license plates and frames that potentially sit in the sun every day, and I’m wondering if they’ll hold up. I wouldn’t want to sell some to other people and have them looking bad in a year.

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The vast majority of acrylic is UV stable by nature of its chemical make-up and some manufacturers add more UV protection.

Chemcast for example is geared toward signs and outdoor displays, it’s designed for 30yr outdoor exposure. sells Chemcast product.

Piedmont Plastics has Marine Grades for better UV and impact resistance.

There’s only a small handful of acrylic manufacturers worldwide so most of the retail suppliers are actually selling much the same stuff.


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