Is proofgrade wood (not plywood) with masking compostable/recycleable in SF? (Ans: No)

San Francisco’s composting is pretty advanced, I’m wondering if proofgrade scraps of medium maple, etc., are compostable?

As of recently, they even accept waxed cardboard, which makes me wonder if the masking is not a problem.

If not compostable, I assume recycling wouldn’t work (it specifically says wood is not acceptable).

Anyone know if it’s ok to recycle the non-plywood wood scraps with masking on?

Here’s a snippet of acceptable items from

  • Vegetable wood crates (metal wire is okay)
  • Waxed cardboard
  • Wood – small pieces of lumber or sawdust from clean wood only (no plywood, press board, painted, stained or treated wood)
  • Wooden chop sticks


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Proofgrade hardwoods come prefinished (some sort of poly is my guess), so I’m thinking no.


Good point. I’ll go with no. Thank you!

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I guess they are trying to stay clear of chemicals. Like finishes and interior glues.
Makes me wonder how they are recycling it.

It would be counter productive if they take it and make a non-recyclable processed wood product.

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