Is shipping door to door, or door to Port?

Live in Australia and want to know if I have to collect from customs or something like that?

Glowforge does not collect any tax (unless you live in Washington State, USA) so that will depend on Australian customs. They will be shipping FedEx, so presumably your local FedEx will be notifying you of any duties due to clear customs and get it to your door.

i’m in South Africa, found a government website where i was able to calculate tax on imported goods, or you should contact fedex and enquire, SA gov love taking money so i know I’m in for a bit when it arrives.

In Australia, generally what will happen (depending on the carrier), is that customs will hold the item, and calculate the duty and gst owing, the carrier will notify you of the amount to pay (usually including a processing fee), you pay and they deliver the item…

Occasionally you may need to fill out more complex forms if the item is ahead for customs to classify…

Hope this helps, and hopefully it’s a nice easy process…

For the pro model, expect to pay up to 15% of the GF to customs :slight_smile:


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So the question for the Australians is do you want your glowforge now, or after the trans-pacific partnership is in place and the duty presumably dropped? You’d still get hit for whatever your version of sales tax is, but time vs money???

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Same would obviously apply for the UK also. Can’t wait to see how much that’ll cost…

Thanks all.