Is the first cartridge included with the filter?

I want to purchase the filter and was wondering if it comes with the first filter cartridge or if I have to buy that as well. I don’t want to order and then have to wait for a second order to get started! Thank you in advance for your help.

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It comes with the filter inside but having a second waiting would keep you from being shut down waiting for it.


Perfect! Thank you!

I think some don’t understand the filter is a consumable and at some point will need replacement.
When depends on how often you run it and what materials you use, we have seen some need it within a week.

Just wanted to make sure you go into it heads-up. :grin:


Thank you. Yes, I have been reading some of the questions and comments and saw that it clogs up quickly when used with draft board and MDF. I currently vent out the window but today it is over 100 degrees outside so I need an alternative. Hopefully the window vent will be what I use regularly!


With a proper vent system, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside.


I use to live in Florida and never had an issue venting outside.

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The only possibility is that there is a wind toward that side of the house forcing hot air into the Glowforge making the sensors think it is too hot to start,

With a shutoff to keep any air from coming in (even a flap valve) there is likely not a problem, but an external fan for less than $50 will keep the air moving out with almost no noise.


Yes you will be surprised how quick the filter is full and then stops being effective.

We purchased in March and are on our 3rd filter already - we invested in powerful 6" external fans and vent into our yard now - we have the moaniest neighbors and they haven’t said a word yet.


Just in case you haven’t seen it, there is an FAQ with more details on filter cartridge life expectancy. You might find it handy.

Do you mind linking what you got? My filter is already full and I’ve only had my glowforge for a little over a month… I know i’ve cut a lot and that’s why - but I didn’t expect to have to replace it so soon…
Thinking about moving it downstairs and venting outside my backyard.


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There is a whole post about what I did in my Facebook group - SummersMade - EpilogLaser, Glowforge & Cricut Makers/Users

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Use it only for acrylic - and vent out of a window for wood - wood blocks it far too soon

Do you perhaps have a screengrab of your setup? Sorry, I prefer not to have to join a group

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