Is the GFI Down

I’m trying to print something quick before work and it’s stalling on “rendering your design” the files on the dashboard aren’t loading either :weary:

Same here. I can’t get it to load a design.

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Same here…stuck on “rendering your design”…

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Same here. I thought I was the only one.

Yeah, it’s looking like it may actually be a server issue this time.

Same here!

Mine too. I can’t imagine this is a wifi issue on our ends.

Me too.

Yep my class is all stuck on “rendering.”

Same here. This is so annoying!

Yup. That is how you can tell it is not your computer. If it is the software everyone would have the problem, 7"20 AM pacific time is a bad timing.

I’m so sorry for the trouble. This appears to be related to an issue with Google Cloud Platform. We’re working to have you back to printing as quickly as possible. You can subscribe to updates here.