Is the lens supposed to be able to move inside the head?

I took my lens out to clean it and now when I put it back in, I hear the magnets click back together but the lens slides up and down. It doesn’t completely fall out but if I tip it upside down and again, it slides down the shaft then goes back up. Ideas? Is this normal? I should mention that my glowforge won’t print now either. It is stuck on focusing. UGH

Have the print head on its side, hold the lens by the outer metal, and gently slide it into the opening. Push it the rest of the way until you hear it click onto the magnet with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol (just to keep any cotton fibers from coming off onto the lens, the alcohol will evaporate right away).

Alternatively, make your own lens tool.


(which requires replacing the lens first… :thinking:)

Certainly an alternative to buying once it’s in there.


I imagine you could make a tool with naught but a small magnet and a cut-off piece of PVC pipe or wooden dowel glued together. Add a layer of tape over the magnet maybe. Trip to the hardware store?


There’s no magnet on the insert side, I’d just use a tube of paper just big enough to fit inside the steel lip.

Going forward, if you don’t have sensible storage near the machine for the tool, I suggest the large vented panel underneath the magic button.


I never thought to use that space. You’re clever.


I wouldn’t put much else there as that panel is vented the control board is below, but the lens tool is small and hollow.

There is on the laser cut version, which makes reinsertion much less precarious.


Never found reinstall to be precarious in any way. There’s a pretty good lip on the tool, it can’t really go anywhere - although I notice that pic shows it being inserted horizontally. I’ve never done that (and don’t see why you would).

As the pic shows, you can reinsert without what I consider an awkward combination of holding the print head upright and inserting the balanced lens underneath. I’ve never liked doing that, I worry about bumping and dropping the lens. Probably just a bit of paranoia, but the new tool feels much safer.


found my tool but now I worry that the center lens keeps moving up and down when I tip it upside down. I know they are supposed to move when printing but it is constantly sliding up and down in the shaft but doesn’t completely fall out. UGH!

Tried it. Nope.

The wood cut design is much better. I did a 3D print design that helped but had to special order the magnet ring. At that point, might as well just get the replacement tool.

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The lens is supposed to move up and down…that’s how it focuses.


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