Is the service down again?

I have timed out twice in the last 45 mins trying to get a print going. It sits on Preparing to print for about 10 mins and tells me the print was stopped.

Help? I have orders backing up beyond belief due to all the problems there have been over the last week.

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You might want to reboot to get rid of ant problems from earlier today.

Is this a design you have had success with before? Anything change?

Seems to be to me…mine has been stuck on focusing for a while. Before it was taking minutes to even start a job.

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I just turned my machine on for the first time today, I rebooted after the first print stop.
I’ve printed these designs before, numerous time.
It did finally go through to magic time.

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Hello @MorningstarMSI - it sounds like you’ve been able to get through this issue and start printing, that’s great. I do see you’ve got a separate topic that we’ll be working with you on for a separate issue. Since that issue is being handled elsewhere I’m going to go ahead and button up this topic. Thanks!