Is the ungroup function no longer availabe?

The ungroup feature in glowforge was working fine now it doesn’t. Is there a fix for this?

Mine is working…try refreshing your browser?

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I refreshed, shut down, restarted

Is it with all files or just ones you’ve created?

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Hopefully support can figure out what’s going on!

Have you verified that Group, Ungroup, and Paste as new step is selected in Early Access in the menu drop down under your Glowforge user name?

Yes it started working again after I sent a support ticket in. Thank you

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Hi @jbs2790. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some issues with the grouping and ungrouping functions with the Glowforge app. I saw you mentioned it is working for you now, and will go ahead and close this thread. I also received your email support ticket, and just sent a response on there in case any further troubleshooting is needed. I’ll look forward to any response through there. Thank you!