Is ther a way to determine total runtime on a Glowforge Pro?

I am working on a Glowforge Pro in a non-profit makerspace. We would like to determine how many hours of use the Glowforge has been used as well as how many files have been printer. This info is to assist in grant writing. Is there a way to access that infomation?

Nope. At least not by us. This data has been requested many times over the years… if you beg they might tell you, but you might be the first. I’ve never heard of anyone actually getting an answer.

They’re hot on glowforge educators lately (new program they announced lately) so maybe they’ll look at your request with a different perspective now? I’d definitely ask, it can’t hurt.


If there ever was ancient Chinese secret this is it. I was one of those begging to know and was told they had no idea.

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