Is there a Doctor in the house?

Safety first, dad!

SVG courtesy of: My SVG Library

Thanks @ctowen87.
Masking courtesy of 3M.

The whole scoring/cut (400% video speed), an inside view.

I took a pointer from @Jules, and I’ve bought a pick…several of them, actually. A little creative weeding later, and we have:

Overall, I’m happy with the results, and a friend wants to buy one off me. I do want to clear coat it to protect the masking, which has helped make it so striking.


You did it! ROFL! Can’t believe the kitty sat still for it! :rofl:

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He was too comfortable lounged there to bother with really moving. I had to scratch his chest and call his name to get him to look the right direction. He was reasonably cool about it so long as the glasses weren’t actually clamped to his head. He’s my safety mascot, and if I get my YouTube channel up, that picture (and others like it, if I can get them) will feature in most of my videos.


He also critiques my laser settings.

And he’s the backup laser safety officer. (He wanted to be primary, but I vetoed that.)


Mine won’t go near it. Too noisy. :grinning:

The cat condo he is lounging on is about 3 ft from the Glowforge. He’s napped there while I’ve been engraving. It’s a steady noise, so they really don’t care. They haven’t stayed on it while it is cutting, but it takes sudden, unexpected noises louder than the :glowforge: to spook them. Give them another week, and if there is an interesting bird outside, they will be on top looking outdoors.


Ah! That’s how I can get the left side of the door to lie flat! :japanese_ogre: