Is there a limit to how many different steps a design can have?

I’m copying and pasting several versions of the same multi-step design so I can make sure each one is the same size, but then switching some pieces of the design from cut to score. I can copy and paste 2 of these with “paste as separate step” – but when I try to paste the third, I only have the option to “paste” – not as a separate step.

Is there a limit to how many steps can be in a design?

Edit to update: There must be a limit. I was copy/pasting as new step items that had a number of pieces (each a different step). I did not count how many it was when it stopped letting me paste as new step – but once I deleted some of the pieces/steps, I could again paste as new. I think I have also run into this before when importing complex SVGs from inkscape – it ran out of steps and started grouping things together even if they weren’t the same color.

I have never used that feature. But just now checking it out. I was able to do this.

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I just tried it. I gave up at 20. Chrome on Mac.

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