Is there a place in the community to post feature requests/suggestions

I’d love to have a centralized place where we can feed GF our ideas and suggestions! I know that many would take a while to get a place in the development queue, and maybe some wouldn’t make it – but some might be easy improvements they could add, and maybe they’d like to know?


You can either email or post a new thread to problems and support.

The list of requested features is known as “the hopper”. If you search the forum for that term, you’ll find tons of threads where people talk about ideas. You’re in good company!

Don’t hesitate to post a new thread if you find that someone has already posted your same idea. It’s not a bad thing for glowforge to hear about it again, kind of add your voice to the chorus, you know?


Ok, makes sense. I guess I was thinking that it would be more helpful, from the GF perspective, to have one place they can look. I guess they can search for hopper, tho. Thank you!

Oh boy are you about to learn a few things about how Glowforge handles the hopper :wink:

I’m pretty sure “I wish we had a central hopper idea list” is already in the hopper, by a cruel twist of fate. I agree with you, that would be good for both GF and for us as interested parties… Glowforge is really cagey about what features they may or may not be working on, it can be a little frustrating.

Anyway, I’ll be curious to see your idea if you post it!


@dan reads a lot of the forum messages, he is the president of the company, so we have his ear.



These are all pretty good ideas, I have two things to add:

One, unfortunately, you didn’t add this to problems and support. While glowforge staff may see it here, the official process is to create a new thread in the problems and support category: that creates a ticket and they’re sure to see it. I’d probably repost it if I were you, but it’s your call.

Two, I’ll say that if you’re doing your designs in an external program, you should check out how to build a custom palette. Using a limited set of shared colors are the key to grouping like processes so you don’t have a huge tangle of separate steps.

For more info on palettes and job order:


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