Is there a running list of APP UI requests?

Is there a running list of APP UI requests anywhere? I’m starting to build up quite a long list of asks and while searching the forums does hit on duplicates here or there, most of the discussions seem to be hardware and process related. It’d be cool to see what’s in the hopper or what others are requesting to help +1 or feedback on the UI as a whole instead of as one-off asks.

Is it best to just keep posting and finding/updating where possible here?


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As it stands now, there is not a single publically-available list of request that have been submitted. Best approach seem to be when users explain their use case, along with why the current features don’t meet those needs and suggests a method of resolution.

Extended end-of-print fan run times is one example of a user request making it from suggestion all the way to production code in a few months.

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I asked about this, and suggested GF put a list up and poll users to help prioritize. @dan replied back saying they were going to work on the things they had committed to first before looking at other features.

You can search the forum for “hopper” to see threads regarding features requested. But no, there’s no official public list.