Is there a tutorial for making anodized aluminium dog tags

I live right next door to Moody AFB and I make gau-8 and gau-2 pen holders with my 3d printers. Once the find out I have a Glowforge, everyone will ask can you make this or that. So I just want one step ahead.

You can buy them pre-anodized in bulk, in multiple colors, etching them is just like etching any other non-PG material, plenty of examples with the settings posted in the “beyond the manual” section. You’d probably want a template from PG draftboard or similar, so you could quickly throw a dozen or more onto the bed for repeatable, accurate alignment…


I’ve done both anodized as well as painted. Pretty straight forward.
These are for my son’s Army unit as part of welcome home gifts…they get back in a few weeks from a year long deployment. :grin:
These were the painted ones from chewbarkas.


Very thoughtful… BZ!


Fellow GA forger! I’m down at Robins AFB. I use the premade Anodized ones from Chewbarkas.


Thank you Sir. That’s what I needed.

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