Is there a way to default from cut to score?

I design cut and score svg’s for the Glowforge and really want them to be plug and play, for beginners. Currently all score lines default to cut on the GFUI. Is there a setting I can change or specific color I can use for the score lines so it defaults to score instead?

No. *

* well yes, but it’s really not worth the effort as a general rule; it involves making a custom style entry in the SVG. It’s kind of a pain to do, though you could probably setup a template with all the requisite style entries and make it semi-hands off. The automatic score vs cut only works when using proofgrade materials, as there is no way to say “score at these settings”, you can only say “I’d like a score” and GF handles the settings for your proofgrade materials. Given those limits, it’s often just easier to select score in the UI and be done with it.

Anyway, that’s how the GF catalog designs do it, but in order to reverse engineer it you have to break the GF security model and figure out how to get one of their original files, which is frowned upon (as you might imagine) and will get a person kicked off the forum if they explain how to do it. As such, people probably won’t elaborate much further… but if any of this makes sense to you, you might have the skills to go investigate on your own. Good luck!


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