Is there a way to download a file I've uploaded to the GUIF in the past?

I accidentally deleted a file awhile ago and already emptied my trash on my desktop. Is there any possible way to download the file I’ve already uploaded that I deleted on my computer by accident? Please Help.

I believe that has to be performed by the support team directly. Did you want to make a change to it? (Because you can just load it directly to the Glowforge interface as it is if you are not wanting to make any changes.)

The short answer is no.

I had multiple files go missing from my “Dashboard” and support told me they could not be recovered.

They are not stored in some cloud-based system forever like many believe.

If you have time/$, even though you emptied the trash on your desk top, it may still exist on the drive, but will need a specialist to get to it. Recommend you call some PC repair service to find out if it can be done! (And a good reminder to backup my drives again!).

I’d Like to thank everyone for there fast responses. I actually just found it on my other computer. I recently got new laptop just for my glowforge(LarrytheLaser) and I thought I moved it over along with everything else(designs). But apparently not. Once again thanks alot!!!:grinning::ok_hand:


I’m glad you were able to find your file! I’m going to close this thread. Should you run into any other trouble please either open a new thread or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.