Is there a way to get a proof grade purchase made from the GF Store from a non-owner?

Ok at the place I work as a contractor (been there almost 3 years); they have a technology group and I made coasters for all the members which took a couple of sheets of the proofgrade maple plywood. They want to buy me the two sheets to replace what I used in my stash. They have a credit card and want to purchase it themselves so they have it on the credit card and a receipt.

Is this possible? I need to let them know Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Thank you.

What I’ve seen Dan say is that although opening up the store to everyone is a future possibility, at this time only owners can place an order. I don’t know if you would be able to temporarily change the credit card on file for you to the workplace one, place the order, then change it back, or not. The address on the card would differ from the shipping address. You could give it a try, I suppose.

But you could change the address to the work card’s and just take delivery at work. Change it all back afterward.

I think gift cards were mentioned at one point too. I don’t know where that ended up. They are so busy with manufacture and whatever they are doing to the UI I bet they haven’t got to it.

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I will try logging in at work on my device and have them place the order and ship to work. I think that will work. Since they offered to pay was going to take them up on that.


You could add the cc owner as an user and they could then create their own account and order the material. but at this time I believe just using their cc would be the easiest way

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Thanks! I’ll see what we can do…hope so.

Ran into a similar situation last summer. Solved it by setting up a private product listing on Etsy/Paypal and sending them the link. YMMV or course.

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Thanks for reaching out! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.