Is there a way to lock layers in the web tool?

When the snap marks stopped working or being supported, it broke my workflow’s ability to run repeat prints without moving stencils I needed to cut for each round of burns. Is there a way to lock layers in the web tool such that I could lock the position of say, cards, but then toss in the images and align to the locked layer such that I’d not need to throw out templates after a single use?

Another neat button would be to have the machine go and put a tiny dot on the four corners of the graphics on the bed for manual alignment, that wouldn’t seem to be hard to code.

I’m not sure if I’m thinking along the correct lines but, you can have an image in the viewer and set it to ignore. Then align your other images to that. For repeat projects, you would need a jig of some sorts to know where to set the “cards”.

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Snapmarks still work but are not supported if there is a problem. I have good luck using the placement tool and noting coordinates to align my images.


I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble when using the Snapmark tool. While the feature is still in beta and we’re unable to provide support for it, I happened to notice something while looking into your unit’s logs which might help.

For the Snapmark beta tool to work correctly, it needs to capture clear images with the lid camera. It looks like your Glowforge printer’s lid camera might be capturing images which are blurry. Would you let me know if cleaning the camera’s lens with a Zeiss wipe or similar lens wipe improves the images you see in the app?

What @randavian mentioned about creating multiple print steps and then setting some to “ignore” during your process might help. Here’s a support article on our site which has detailed information on how to set up multiple print steps in a design: Please let me know if this helps!

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